Who is Kiingtong, and what are her responsibilities? Kiingtong is a 24-year old woman. He was born in England on 19 December 1995. His given name is William Kinng, and he was born under Sagittarius. He grew up in England, with his sister and brother. Other than that, very little is known about his parents. […]

Minecraft : The warden

After initially being scheduled to release along with the second part in the Caves and Cliffs update, the Warden, the shadowy protector for Minecraft’s dark biome, was delayed. Mojang recently announced Minecraft’s 1.19 update at Minecraft Live 2021. This update is known as The Wild Update. This update will increase diversity in Minecraft’s biomes, and it […]

Function command guide Minecraft

There are many Minecraft commands. Each command serves a different purpose and is useful in its own way. These commands can make the game easier and more enjoyable. Although commands are not recommended by most Minecraft players, they can be very useful and many players use them often. One of the most unique commands in Minecraft is […]

Best adventure worlds in Minecraft

The adventure mode in Minecraft has been a key component in giving players more options after they have experienced everything in single-player mode. It was originally designed to allow players to show off their map-creating skills. However, there have been many maps that include puzzles, mini-games and adventure maps. Adventure maps are short, unique campaigns that […]

Fastest way to farm emeralds in Minecraft

Minecraft has a currency system, believe it or not! Many rare items are difficult to find in Minecraft, such as ancient debris and diamonds. Emeralds are even rarer than diamonds. One mob, however, has a lot of emeralds: the villagers. These mobs of long-nosed, human-like creatures peacefully live in their small villages. They behave the most like the […]

Top 5 interesting blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft was a game built on blocks from the beginning. Minecraft adopted a pixellated, blocky approach to graphics while other games tried to improve their graphics. Minecraft, the most famous game of 2022, still retains a classic look. Minecraft is made up of thousands of different kinds of blocks. These blocks range from simple dirt blocks to […]

Rare blue Axolotls found in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 was also known as the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. It introduced many new features to Minecraft. Minecraft 1.18 is often regarded as the most important and ambitious update to the game. These include overhauling the ore generation system and distribution system, reworking the game’s mountains, caves, and many other things. The Axolotl mob […]

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock

Minecraft Java, the official name of the original Mojang crafting game in 2009, is Minecraft Java. This is the Mojang version, but it’s also available through PC Game Pass. It only works on a PC. Minecraft Bedrock, a new version created by Microsoft in 2017, is an updated version of Minecraft that replaces and unifies […]

Best Minecraft servers for KitPVP

KitPvP is an extremely popular gamemode on Minecraft servers. It is especially enjoyed by PvP fans. This allows players to create their own kits of weapons, armor, and potions. These can then be used to fight other players in intense PvP combats, either one-on-one or in a free for all. There are many great Minecraft KitPvP […]

Parkour Minecraft servers

One of the most fun mini-games you can play in Minecraft is on many parkour servers. Although it might seem difficult to imagine a Minecraft blocky character performing the same moves as a real traceur, these servers focus on platforming across challenging terrains. Here are some Minecraft parkour servers that you can join if you […]