Best Minecraft servers for KitPVP

01. 14. 2023

Best Minecraft servers for KitPVP

KitPvP is an extremely popular gamemode on Minecraft servers. It is especially enjoyed by PvP fans. This allows players to create their own kits of weapons, armor, and potions. These can then be used to fight other players in intense PvP combats, either one-on-one or in a free for all.

There are many great Minecraft KitPvP server to choose from. You can find thousands of players on these servers, as well as some of the most skilled Minecraft PvPers.

These are the top 5 most popular Minecraft KitPvP server to join.

5 best Minecraft servers for KitPvP

1) Purple Prison

IP Address:

Purple Prison is a popular Minecraft PvP Prison server. To instantly claim a PvP Kit, players can join the chat and type “/kit-pvp” into the chat box.

PvP duels are also available on the server, along with a complete ELO ranking system. With the command /duels, players can engage in intense 1v1 combat.

2) Minemen club

IP Address:

Minecraft PvP enthusiasts have likely heard of Minemen Club, one of the largest PvP practice server ever created.

The Anti Gaming Chair, a sophisticated anti-cheating solution developed by Minemen Club is a well-known feature.

The Minemen club could be a refreshing alternative for KitPvP players tired of being cheated on by many.

3) Lunar Network

IP Address:

Lunar's hugely successful Minecraft PvP client, Lunar Client, has been a great success.

Lunar Minecraft is a dedicated server for PvP. Players can choose their favorite PvP kit and fight in 1v1 KitPvP duels.

4) PvP Land

IP Address:

PvP Land, another popular Minecraft KitPvP server boasts thousands.

PvP land is well-known for its practice mode. This mode allows players to fight bots with varying skill levels and train their PvP skills.


IP Address:

ViperMC is best known for its HCF (hardcore factions), but it also offers a chaotic KitPvP game known as “kits.”

This gamemode allows players to choose their favorite kit from a variety of premade options. Then they can jump into a massive free-for-all brawl and rack up kills in the hopes of reaching the leaderboard.