Fastest way to farm emeralds in Minecraft

01. 01. 2023

Fastest way to farm emeralds in Minecraft

Minecraft has a currency system, believe it or not! Many rare items are difficult to find in Minecraft, such as ancient debris and diamonds. Emeralds are even rarer than diamonds.

One mob, however, has a lot of emeralds: the villagers.

These mobs of long-nosed, human-like creatures peacefully live in their small villages. They behave the most like the Minecraft player's character.

They sleep, eat and trade various items to users. With a few tricks, gamers can harvest a lot of emeralds.

1) Choose the villager you want

First, players must choose the right villager with whom to trade. Minecraft allows villagers to have many jobs like librarians, farmers, fletchers, and can also trade emeralds for multiple objects.

Because some villagers can trade emeralds for items that are easy to farm, this is important. The best trade is paper, sticks and other simple items.

2) How to lower the cost of trade

Once users have their villager set up and ready for trade, they'll soon realize that it isn't so expensive. Villagers are likely to trade one emerald in exchange for many items.

To get a few emeralds, players will need to farm a lot of the item. This can be optimized.

Status as a Hero of the Village

Gamers can take on the pillager raids and save a village. This will grant them the status effect of 'Hero of the Village.

All trades made by every villager working will be discounted. This is a great way to lower the trade price. However, players will need to fight a raid of Pillagers to do this.

The zombify, curing and slashing trick

This trick, while it may sound harsh, is the best way you can get a lot of emeralds quickly. Players may encounter hostile zombie villagers in the wilderness. With the help of a golden apple and a splash potion, these mobs can easily be trapped and cured.

The cured villager will remember players when he is cured and is employed to do a job. This process can be repeated until the trade is reduced to one emerald per item.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain a large amount of emeralds directly from Minecraft villagers.