Kiingtong (Youtuber)

12. 18. 2022

Kiingtong (Youtuber)

Who is Kiingtong, and what are her responsibilities? Kiingtong is a 24-year old woman. He was born in England on 19 December 1995. His given name is William Kinng, and he was born under Sagittarius. He grew up in England, with his sister and brother. Other than that, very little is known about his parents. His race is unknown. He also holds British citizenship. However, there is no information about his education.

Kiingtong's Height and Weight.

What is Kiingtong's height? Kiingtong's height and weight are unknown.

Kiingtong's Profession & Future

Kiingtong's professional career was shaped by the launch of his YouTube channel on November 26, 2011. He joined the Cube SMP server, and began making Hunger Games videos. He occasionally makes non-gaming videos.

He is also a member The Cube SMP and has been well-known for his cooperation with many Cube SMP members. He has attended Vidcon, PAX Prime and PAX East as well as PAX Prime and PAX East. He also participates in Cube UHC competitions once a month, where he has won with another player. He also started a series called The Avenue with his friends Shubble and Graser in 2017.

His first video, titled “Minecraft – Fully Functioning Dock Cannon”, was released. He began the Minecraft Parkour series in July 2012 and has posted numerous videos related to it. He began uploading his Minecraft-Hunger Games series in June 2013 and has posted many gameplay videos. These videos have been very well received and Kiingtong's channel has many subscribers.

He released the video “Hot Pepper Challenge” in April 2015. It was well-received and enjoyed by his fans. The video “She Killed Him” was also released that year. (Minecraft 1.9 Parkour w/ HeyImBee, Graser10 & TYBZI). This video helped boost his gaming center. That video became viral and attracted a lot of attention to the platform. His gaming channel has over 550k subscribers.


“I Am AiR” Minecraft SkyWars Trolling! (I Am Stone Challenge).) This is his most popular Minecraft gameplay video. This Minecraft challenge gameplay video is very interesting and well worth viewing for all Minecraft fans. This video has been viewed over 817k times. King – Fortnite is another gaming channel. It was launched on March 4, 2016 and focuses on Fortnite gameplay.

He's also connected with Graser10 and StrawberryJam as well as HBomb94, HeyImBee and Grapeapplesauce. He also started a YouTube channel called King – Fortnite, which is dedicated to the popular multiplayer game.

Kiingtong's Income and Net Worth

How much does Kiingtong earn? Kiingtong has amassed an impressive fortune through his YouTube career. However, he has not revealed his annual salary nor net worth.

Kiingtong's Girlfriend: Marriage & Relationship

Who is Kiingtong's Girlfriend Kiingtong is currently in a relationship. He is currently dating Emily. He also revealed his feelings in a new video entitled “My GIRLFRIEND play Minecraft *First evertime*”. He continues to share intimate photos with Emily on social media. The couple appears to be close to getting married.

Kiingtong's Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Kiingtong is active on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He has a large fan base. He has over 55.2k Instagram followers and over 100k Twitter followers. He also has around 4.2k Facebook fans. His YouTube channel has more than 1.46 million subscribers.