Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock

12. 12. 2022

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock

Minecraft Java, the official name of the original Mojang crafting game in 2009, is Minecraft Java. This is the Mojang version, but it's also available through PC Game Pass. It only works on a PC. Minecraft Bedrock, a new version created by Microsoft in 2017, is an updated version of Minecraft that replaces and unifies the mobile and Windows 10 store versions.

This means Bedrock is accessible on multiple platforms. As PC players, we have a lot of options as we can play both. The recently released Minecraft launcher allows us to manage both installations from one place. We don't just have to know which platforms each Minecraft version runs on. There are many other differences. Let's explore this more.

Minecraft Bedrock vs Java differences

Microsoft has provided a useful document detailing the differences between the versions. However, the main differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock are summarized in the Microsoft document.

It is important to understand how different Minecraft versions see mods. Minecraft Java – the 'OG Minecraft' – has a rich history of Minecraft mods and Minecraft texture pack creations, many of which are free.

Mods and texture packs are still available in the Bedrock edition, but they must be purchased on other platforms than the PC. Creators also have to pay for mod tools for Bedrock edition. Many popular PC mods are compatible with both versions, but not all.

Minecraft Java or Bedrock multiplayer

Multiplayer is handled differently in Minecraft, as we have already mentioned. You should know that you and everyone you wish to play Minecraft together must use the same Minecraft version. Java players cannot play with Bedrock players.

This isn't as hard as you might think, considering the limited options on other platforms. However, it's important to coordinate with friends about which version you are using on PC. The Windows 10 Store only offers the Bedrock version. However, both versions are available through PC Games Pass if you subscribe.

Cross-play between Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Bedrock was designed to work on multiple platforms. This means you can cross-play on any platform with other Bedrock players. However, multiplayer servers on Bedrock tend not to be as large (and therefore more recent).

GeyserMC is an unofficial solution for Java/Bedrock crossplay.

This plugin is third-party for multiplayer servers and is designed to allow Minecraft Bedrock players join Minecraft Java servers. The download is simple and requires no additional software. Just follow the instructions to make it work.

Minecraft Bedrock vs Java: Which one should you choose?

You won't have many options if you are a mobile or console player or you want to play with someone who uses mobile or console a lot.

It's fine if that's not an issue. Since PC players have the option to choose which version they want, there's a choice. However, it's also very simple. The Java edition offers PC players more options and utility. It has larger multiplayer servers, more modding possibilities, and an engine that isn't trying to adapt to the needs of weaker hardware.