Minecraft : The warden

12. 02. 2022

Minecraft : The warden

After initially being scheduled to release along with the second part in the Caves and Cliffs update, the Warden, the shadowy protector for Minecraft's dark biome, was delayed.

Mojang recently announced Minecraft's 1.19 update at Minecraft Live 2021. This update is known as The Wild Update. This update will increase diversity in Minecraft's biomes, and it will also allow for the inclusion of deep dark biomes and Wardens.

Mojang cited the possibility of including the new biome as well as its pivotal mini bosses, as the reason to extend the development time.

When can we expect The Wild Update to arrive?

Minecraft Live 2021 has revealed The Wild Update, but it is still unknown when it will be released. Mojang only stated that the update was currently scheduled for a 2022 release. This is a very vague statement.

It is possible, however, that Minecraft's developers will give more information to Minecraft players as the year 2021 ends. Mojang is not willing to release a date for the update in case of problems.

The Wild Update has not released much information, but the trailer video and images made available to players show why Warden and the deep dark biome are being added in the next update.

Since previous appearances, images of the deep dark biome below even bedrock have seen significant updates. The deep dark biome, which is not a deep cave system like the other images, appears to contain the remains of a long-lost civilization. It also presents new game-generated structures that are likely full of loot.

This could partly explain why the Warden is there, as it protects the biome.

Minecraft offers a unique way to explore the underground ruins and graveyards of ancient people. This is similar to the creation of temples or forgotten mansions. The Warden adds to the excitement.

The Warden will likely be right behind players, so it is unlikely that they will take too long to enjoy the rewards of their discoveries.