Rare blue Axolotls found in Minecraft

11. 09. 2022

Rare blue Axolotls found in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 was also known as the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. It introduced many new features to Minecraft. Minecraft 1.18 is often regarded as the most important and ambitious update to the game.

These include overhauling the ore generation system and distribution system, reworking the game's mountains, caves, and many other things. The Axolotl mob saw a small update. Axolotls were added to the game with the Java Edition Snapshot 20w51a Minecraft 1.17.

Based on cute real-life animals with the same name, Axolotls attack all other aquatic mobs except turtles, dolphins, and other axolotls. Blue Axolotls are the most rare type of this mob.

They are passive to players and can only be used to provide leads for mobs to follow. They can help players defeat hostile mobs such as the drowned or get rid of certain negative status effects that result from certain actions.

Blue-colored Axolotls, which are the most rare form of the mob have a 0.083% chance (or one in 1200) of spawning during breeding. Blue Axolotls are not naturally found in the game's world. They can only be obtained by breeding various Axolotls varieties until they get the right spawn.

Axolotls require Tropical Fish to breed. They can get it using the “Bucket of Tropical Fish”. The bucket of water will be left behind if the player feeds the fish to an Axolotl.

The bucket can be used by players to collect more tropical fish, and then continue breeding Axolotls in order to increase the chance of spawning a Blue Axolotl.

There are five types of Axolotls: Leucistic (wild), Wild (gold), Cyan (cyan), and blue. Their spawning place has changed since Minecraft 1.17. It was previously caves that were submerged in water. Now, it is only the Lush Caves biome of Minecraft 1.18.

The little creatures can be found chirping in the Lush caves biome's underwater ponds and lakes.

The player can transport Axolotls to other areas or habitats. You can transport them by using a water bucket. This will transform the item into a “Bucket Of Axolotl” if it is used on one.

Another option is to create a pool or enclosure within an ocean or large body of water. This saves time and money. Axolotls have been a great addition to the game.

Interesting fact: The chance that the Blue Axolotl will be bred is 1/1200. This indicates their serious threat.